Dr. Elizabeth R. Goren (or "Liz", as most people know her) , is first and foremost a clinical psychologist. A practicing psychotherapist, psychoanalyst, couples and sex therapist, Liz works in a way that expresses the multiple influences of her training and experience with people from all walks of life that she has come to know and help over the decades in New York City. Her work outside the office is largely devoted to teaching and writing, trying to bring a deeper psychological understanding to the public.

As a first generation behavior therapist Liz developed the skills of active, short term and problem focused therapy and the importance of working in the "here and now". But an understanding of the past enhances our sense of meaning, informs our vision for the future and makes for truly enduring life change. This is where psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapy has much to offer.

Today's psychoanalysts have an appreciation not only of the unconscious but of the therapeutic potential in the interaction between patient and therapist. The therapeutic situation and the relationship between patient and therapist is a microcosm of the world outside. When treated with respect, creativity, and sensitivity, it can bring about not only insight but profound personal change in every area of one's life.

Liz's patients describe her as energetic and interactive: someone who helps keep their sights on their goals while working hard with them to identify and work through the psychological, often unconscious, obstacles that are getting in their way. She is forever impressed by the mystery and magic of the unconscious. It is an extraordinary gift as a life changing force if we learn how to listen to what it is telling us. More than anything Liz believes in the power of the human will and capacity for growth.

About Elizabeth

New York State Psychologist 5616
Diplomate in Sex Therapy (American Board of Forensic Examiners and American Board of Sexology)
Certificate in Psychoanalysis New York University
Certificate in Disaster Mental Health (American Red Cross)
Adjunct Clinical Professor New York University and Pace University
Certificate in Psychologist Mobility Program (Association State & Provincial Psychology Boards )